Risk Assessment

What are the hazards?  Who might be harmed? What are you already doing? Action by whom? Additional Comments 

Security / privacy issues related to use of Zoom software

Members / Public

Zoom cloud content should be encrypted 

IT Meeting Host 

Uninvited / unknown person gaining access to the meeting

Members / Public

The sessions are private and require a password / link to join

IT team

ID / password not shared on social media


Switch off the ability for participants to join before the host

IT Meeting Host

Only allow those that have registered / invited to join

IT Meeting Host

Unauthorised recording of sessions and / or photographs / screenshots

Members / Public

Controlled by the meeting host

IT Meeting Host

Doís & Doníts issued to attendees

Via email / Registration

Doís & Doníts included on the Convention website

IT team

Announced at start of Convention


Inappropriate sharing of personal information / contact details 

Members / Public

Screen sharing not allowed controlled by the host

Controlled by the Meeting Host

Inappropriate content from a speaker / presenter

Members / Public

Copy videos seen in advance


Screen sharing controlled

IT Host