MD Youth Convention 

PDG Doreen Allen

Firstly I would like to thank and record my appreciation of all Youth Officers under this Portfolio who have promoted, encouraged and supported Lions Clubs in their youth activities this past year. Online presentations and training has become the norm and the Youth Officers stepped up to the mark. They have shared ideas and good practice where possible. 

I have continued to promote the six individual MD Youth programmes in conjunction with our District Officers, helping to assist them in whatever way I could, in the promotion of their individual area of responsibility. 

As an MD we have programmes for ages 8-19 and although a difficult year we have had some successes. It was definitely a complicated year for all activities as schools, youth groups  and clubs were either very wary letting those outside their bubble in, were opening with many restrictions, or even remained closed altogether. During this time, clubs across the MD endeavoured to seek out entrants into our youth activities.

The individual Officers have included their reports. Please take time to read them and discuss at your next meeting. Why not try a youth activity new to your club?  Making the links with the different community groups and working with young people is likely to continue to have it’s complications in the near future but we can do it.

The Youth Team are here at Convention, come and have a chat about the MD Youth programmes.

Young Leaders in Service

Lion Colin Marsh

A major change to the YLiS Guidelines was made this year in an attempt to make this project more attractive to prospective participants and, in particular, to those who are already volunteering with other organisations. This is the removal of the requirement to cover a full twelve months before being eligible to receive a certificate. No change has been made to the number of hours qualifying for the various levels of award, and still only one certificate per individual can be awarded in any 12 months period. The original project being “International” all changes have been made with the approval of LCI Headquarters. 

With both this amendment, and that relating to a reduction in the minimum age of participants (April 2020) coming during the pandemic, I would not anticipate seeing any impact for a few months to come, although I am aware that progress is being made in promoting YLiS with both St John and the DofE Awards Scheme.

During the period 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022, 11 clubs recognised 101 Young Leaders in their communities. My thanks to those clubs and, of course, the participants for persevering, most of the hours having been recorded under pandemic conditions.

In taking part in Young Leaders in Service young people experience the rewards of giving service to their community, become involved with local Lions and Leos, make new friends and find new interests, as well as having the opportunity to enhance their C.V.  Besides the benefits to the young people themselves, Lions will experience the rewards of supporting them, gain publicity from YLiS activities and increase the profile of Lions in their community.

There is a YLiS Facebook page and the team is always keen to receive any items that help in keeping this up-to-date, so please send me your reports and photos of the young leaders, especially those taking part in activities as well as presentations. 

Each District has its own dedicated YLiS Officer who is available to support and advise clubs.  A big thankyou to them for all the work they put in to help clubs in their Districts. Contact details are in the MD Directory or use and I will send you the information you will need and put you in touch with your District Officer.

The youth of today are our future, so please take the opportunity, whilst at convention, to visit our display stands.

Young Ambassador

Lion Sally Marsh

As I wrote this report in 2021, I was not expecting to be again reporting on a British Isles MD Final being held over zoom. Unfortunately, the high infection rates, in January 2022, lead to the in person final becoming virtual for the second year. My thanks go to The Village Hotel for their help and understanding in cancelling the event and booking the event for 2023.

With the help of Young Ambassador District Officer 105CW Lion Paul Murphy the weekend timetable was again drawn up to try to give the Young Ambassadors a taste of being at the Dudley event. With slight changes following the 2021. There was the Friday evening social (without the meal), including the icebreaker games and new for 2022 breakout rooms so that Lions were able to talk to the candidates and judges. The Saturday morning was ‘interview time’, candidates and judges only. The presentation ceremony took place on Saturday afternoon keeping as near as possible to the format of the Sunday event in Dudley. Both sessions were well supported by Lions. My thanks also must go to the Judges for a job well done, yet again.

As always, the candidates were all exceptional and inspirational. The weekend was well attended, and I hope that everyone will join us next year in Dudley to support these young people and to be inspired by them. The Young Ambassador Final will be held on the weekend of February 17th – 19th 2023. 

The MD Young Ambassador for 2022 is 14 year old Khan Odita, sponsored by the City of Liverpool Lions Club, District 105CN. He will represent the British Isles at the European YA, Bert Mason Award in Zagreb, Croatia in October. The Shipshape Award went to Cameron Cox, sponsored by Worthing Lions Club, District 105SE.

Both Khan and our YA 2021, Ellie-Mae Banks, will be at MD Convention in Birmingham and will address convention on Sunday morning May 1st. There are profiles on all our Young Ambassadors 2022 on the MD website, You can also follow them on the Young Ambassador- British Isles Facebook page.

The winners of the Shipshape Award for both 2020 and 2021 were unable to take up their voyage, but along with the Shipshape winner 2022, Cameron Cox from SE, they will be still able to book a trip. Thanks to the Jubilee Sailing Trust and Mike Field for ensuring that they do not miss out. 

The Europa Bert Mason Young Ambassador Award took place as planned in Thessaloniki in October 2021. Our Young Ambassador represented the Young Ambassadors of the British Isles We heard what amazing young people they are and the diversity of projects they organise to help others. Ellie-Mae gave a brilliant presentation on her work to help young people to understand about the dangers of knife crime. As always, they were inspirational. Thank you, Ellie-Mae, for being such an inspirational representative of the youth of the British Isles.

These Young Ambassadors, along with those who were part of District finals over the last two years show how amazing they all are. They, and many more young people across the British Isles, didn’t let a small matter of a global pandemic stop them seeing a need and organising ways of supporting those who needed help. Please search out these young people in your towns and villages and recognise what volunteering they do; they are the Lions of the future. Our Young Ambassador 2021, Ellie-Mae Banks is now a Lion, a member of East Anglia New Century Lions Club, welcome to the Lions family. 

My thanks go to the many Lions who have ensured that these remarkable and inspirational young people are recognised. Thank you to clubs throughout the district who have again, during another difficult year, identified, supported, and kept in touch with these our Lions of the future. Thank you to all the Lions who supported the YA Awards by attending the virtual weekend. Also, to the District Officers for their help and support with putting on the virtual weekend. 

See you in Dudley, February 17th-19th 2023. 

Youth Exchange

Lion Jackie Williams

The Coronavirus pandemic decimated the Youth Exchange Programme and Youth Camps across the world. Now International travel is starting to recover the Youth Exchange programme is starting to reboot. The UK especially England has now allowing all travellers in with no testing, locator forms or quarantine requirements a recent change.

District A should have been organising the Youth Camp this year but with all the confusion with entry requirements and the costs of tests and quarantine to arrive in Britain even as a British national it made planning a youth camp difficult. Not being able to enter venues didn't help the situation so the decision to cancel the youth Exchange programme this year was taken last Christmas as we entered the Omicron wave of the pandemic.

Now we are opening the plan is for District A to host the 2023 Youth Camp somewhere in or around London. Dates and venue to be confirmed.

Outward Exchange will also start again but students will have to check the entry requirements before they choose their destination. Not all boarders around the world are open.

Any enquiries on either hosting for next year or sending a student outward should be made to me by email on

It would be lovely if I had a youth exchange officer in every district at the moment  I haven't if you are interest in learning more, please speak to your incoming governor and ask him if he has a youth exchange officer. We would love to welcome you onto the team.

Peace poster/Essay Report

National Headquarters

The Peace Poster winner this year was sponsored by Ross on Wye Lions Club in 105 CW and our winner received her award at District  CWs convention. Our winner also won a much coveted merit prize in the International competition as well. The Essay winner, sponsored by Hemel Hempstead Lions Club in 105 A  produced an excellent short essay which is included in your delegate pack.

Peace Poster packs have remained the same price as last year and are available from National HQ priced £14.00 + P&P.  The new Peace Poster packs gives useful information for clubs receiving them and also contain the important sticker to be placed on the back of the district winner before they are sent on to HQ 

To celebrate this International Competition there are a few new items in Club supplies to celebrate the Peace poster Competition – a button badge-keyring-peace poster note cards and a tote bag.

Peace Poster badge, key ring and bag

Alpha Leos

PDG Lion Doreen Allen

Since we last met our Alpha Leo Clubs have remained at 14 but the total Leo membership has dropped to 109 across the MD. It is not all bad news since three  dropped members joined Lions Clubs and another three are looking to form an internet Omega Leo Club or a Lions Club Branch.

A number of Clubs have approached me with the possibility of new School based Alpha Leo Clubs. Obviously at this present time, there are  difficulties getting into  Schools….but planning is happening and we hope to see positive results in the near future.

Leos are an activity of Lions Clubs but they can be our partners in Service. I thank those Clubs and Leo Advisors who wholeheartedly encourage and support the young people in our Leo programme building their  leadership qualities, giving confidence and enabling  them to make a real difference in their communities. 

It would be an excellent way forward if each District had a designated Leo Officer to support and encourage Clubs to look at the Leo programme.

I am here at Convention, come and have a chat about Leos.


Lion David Skinner

ROAR became an MD Youth Programme in May 21 and runs in the Calendar year.

In 2021 ROAR engaged 130 schools involving an estimated 20,000 children. Despite the pandemic setbacks we received enthusiastic support from many schools and the ROAR team encouraged Lions Clubs to become involved in the school finals of this innovative ideas competition. Each winning school team made a video which was sent to the 8 District Judging Teams and the winning school team was identified in each District. At the National Awards Day held on Zoom on 8th December each winning school team presented their idea and received a trophy with CC Richard speaking at the event.

The Launch of ROAR 2022 is now well underway and the Launch Information Pack has been sent to all Club Secretaries. Our aim this year is to engage over 200 schools in the MD which will involve over 30,000 children. Consequently all the children as well as their parents and teachers will learn more of Lions as a result. The prime programme objective is to give children a fun way of engaging with each other to improve the world.  Lions who were took part last year have stressed how much benefit they and their Clubs have gained from becoming involved. So we hope that Lions Clubs will be encouraged to try something new this year and see for themselves the all-round benefits of the programme.

Help is at hand in the form of a series of 1 hour Zoom information evenings and the second phase on 26th and 27thApril and 3rd and 5th May with link details in the launch pack. The ROAR Team will talk through all the aspects of the programme so that Lions may approach schools confidently. We have also presented ROAR to the Lions of MN111 and discussions are now in progress on its introduction to German schools.

Lions Clubs may register Schools until the end of the summer school term and the programme will start in schools in September with school finals in November and National awards Day again in December.