Council Chairman Portfolio Reports

MD Events Officer Report to Convention 2023

PDG Lion Guch Manku PMJF

Convention 2023

Thank you to the core planning team for MD Convention 2023 which comprises, CC Alastair Joel, PDG Guch Manku, PCC Philip Goodier, PCC Peter Burnett, IPID Geoff Leeder, Brigitte Green and David Ebsworth as Deputy Convention Officer and Host Committee led by Richard Nash, and all the other team that has helped us to get to where we are with the MD Convention.

The Grand Gosforth Park, Newcastle, has worked exceptionally well with us to plan and run a great Convention, it will be great fun for all.

As I write this report we are over the numbers we had last year, with 204 for the Host Night, 141 Lunches on Saturday, 222 for the Gala Dinner and 160 voting delegates. 

The timing has been amended to fit around the Coronation and we look forward to hosting our International Guest, IPIP Douglas Alexander.

The entertainment for Host Night and Gala Dinner is all in hand, the partners trips have been cancelled as there was very little take up, and funds returned to those that booked.

There is a challenge around accessible rooms, the demand for rooms with disabled access is increasing and cannot always be met at venues. David Ebsworth is aware of this requirement going forward.

On closing, best of luck to CC Alastair Joel and thanks again to all that make this possible, Brigitte Green at Head Office, Tom Sayers in the tech team and Richard Nash heading up the Host Committee have been particularly helpful in planning for a successful Convention.

Convention 2024

Convention 2024 is now with David Ebsworth, and I wish him and his team all the very best. 

Patron Liaison Report to Convention 2023

PDG Lion Patrick Hamblin 

Patron Liaison Officer

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, I wrote to our Patron, at the request of the Chairman of the Council of Governors, with our condolences. Our Patron subsequently acknowledged the letter.

On behalf of the Multiple District, I sent Christmas greetings to Her Royal Highness and to her Household.

An invitation was received from HRH The Princess of Wales for her Christmas Carol Service. The Multiple District was represented by the Chairman of the Council of Governors and his Partner.

Following the agreement of Council of Governors for eight trees to be planted at the home of our Patron at Bagshot Park to mark 'The Late Queen's Green Canopy,' I made the arrangements for the trees planting to take place on 9th March 2023. This required extensive consulting with The Royal Household. The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Council, Past International Director Geoff Leeder and several District Governors. Her Royal Highness was very pleased with the trees that were planted to form a short avenue on an estate road regularly used by members of the Royal Family. At the time of writing this report I am waiting for approval of some photographs and also approval of the wording of a small plaque.

On behalf of the Multiple District, I sent a letter of congratulations to Her Royal Highness on her appointment as The Duchess of Edinburgh.

In conjunction with the Chairman of the Council and Lion Brigitte Green, I agreed a wording for a notice relating to the change of title of our Patron for distribution throughout the Multiple District. 

Following receipt of an invitation from the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh to a Garden Party at The Palace of Holyroodhouse in July 2023, the Chairman of the Council nominated a member to attend to represent the Multiple District.

In conjunction with Lion Brigitte Green at National Headquarters, I organised and issued 70 certificates for Clubs and Members that have achieved 50, 60 or 70 years of service. All these certificates were individually signed by our Patron.

I have been concerned to receive from the Office of our Patron a number of requests from Clubs for our Patron to attend various Club functions. Our Patron is the Patron of over 70 charities, and the agreement that was made when she took up the appointment was that she would not attend Club or District functions. It is important that all Clubs are remined that no communications should be made to the office of our Patron.

Data Protection Report to Convention 2023

Lion Lioness Robyn Banks

MD Data Protection Officer


This year I have had much support from the appointed officers in A, CN, N and SC I should like to publicly show my gratitude to these officers for their work with me in their respective Districts. I am the Officer myself for CE, CW and SE as well. This is my third year in post.

Some clubs are not (in my opinion and we can justify this!) "eligible" for paying the fee this would be clubs of 5 or less members or Branch Clubs. I have kept a record of those clubs who have heeded my ADVICE and paid the ICO fee. Please find below a table showing these statistics by District. The last time this was updated was January 2023:

DISTRICT A 45/59 clubs DISTRICT CE 62/85 clubs
DISTRICT CN 55/87 clubs DISTRICT CW 46/91 clubs
DISTRICT N 35/70 clubs DISTRICT SC 37/57 clubs
DISTRICT SE 36/53 clubs DISTRICT SW 27/57 clubs

TOTAL 343/629  = 55% of UK clubs have registered with the ICO. This is an increase of 3% on last year- this is a steady increase.

It should be noted that these figures do not include the District and MD registrations, nor the individual charity elements such as LionsGiving (through SE). I have also only been able to discount those clubs which I know have, unfortunately, closed down in the pandemic. I have not been able to update the list of "lost" clubs as I do not have MD level access to the MyLCI/MyLion system.


I continue to draft Privacy Notices and associated documentation for clubs across the MD. I recently "published" an Article about Privacy Notices and await the response from Clubs. I shall be running a rolling programme for those clubs who have not yet approached me to offer my services. It should be noted that I conduct this work for Lions Clubs free of charge, but it is my professional integrity on the line constantly. Any ADVICE given is based on 23 years experience in the field and with the backing of my business professional indemnity insurance no such thing as a "silly question"!

I am happy to continue to provide advice to clubs whenever they may request it whether it is answering questions, giving advice on utilising data or providing appropriately-worded documentation. I am happy especially if this can be achieved electronically to "visit" clubs, zones, regions or District meetings to present on the matter.

There is a selection of Articles on MD website which provide guidance on the ICO fee, Privacy Notices and give the suggested wording for Email footers, forms (whether on a website or on paper). 


If any Lion believes that there has been a breach of Data Protection/UK GDPR laws involving their data through the Lions organisation, they should report it to either the District Officer or myself (or both) for investigation.


I visited the Europa Forum in Zagreb in October 2022. This visit gave me the opportunity to renew acquaintance with my European counter-parts and work with them to produce the requisite Agreement with LCI Oak Brook. This Agreement is currently in draft form with Council and, if re-appointed (I never take it for granted), I shall be progressing this Agreement to signature with Oak Brook. This Agreement needs to be in place to provide the framework for the Clubs, Districts, the MD and LCI to process the data of individual Lions in 105 appropriately for membership purposes and support the service whether at local, national or international level. Once agreed and signed, the intention is to publish this Agreement for Lions to be reassured as to why and how their data are processed. 

Health and Safety Report to Convention 2023

Lion Andrew Wilcox

MD Health and Safety Officer

I have responded to requests for assistance from Districts and Clubs via email or telephone calls.

I updated the MD105 Health & Safety policy document.

I have submitted an updated Health and Safety Guidance for Lions - formerly Road to Safety document for Council approval.

I continue to monitor Government websites on a daily basis for Covid related information. Despite relaxation of the rules Covid is still with us although the impact on society is greatly reduced.

Few accidents/incidents are being reported to District and MD Safety officers in a timely manner. Clubs need to be reminded of the need to flag any accidents/incidents as they occur and not delay reporting until enforcing authority action/ Insurance claims are received. This is so that an effective investigation can be completed and lessons learnt.

Work is in progress to improve the standard of risk assessments carried out for Lions activities. This is a very important process as failure to complete a suitable and sufficient risk assessment leaves Clubs vulnerable to action from HSE/Local Enforcing Authorities and the potential damage to our reputation in the community.

International Convention Committee Report to Convention 2023

Convention Chair - PCC Lion Philip Goodier

The 2023 International Convention, the 105th, is scheduled to run from July 7 - 11, 2023 Boston, USA

There is history around every corner in Boston. It is a city best seen on foot and is, by US standards, 'old'. Among the sights that should not be missed are:

Boston Common, established 1634, and the adjacent State House, begun 1795; Park Street church, 1829, and adjacent Granary Burying Ground, dated to 1660; Kings chapel, 1749 and adjoining burying ground; the Old South Meeting house, 1729; Old Corner Bookstore, 1718. Old State House, 1713; Faneuil Hall, 1742; Paul Revere House, 1680; Old North Church, 1723, and the USS Constitution (1797), oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. 

There are the Black Heritage Trail and the Freedom Trail. Fast forward to the 1980's and at 84 Beacon Street, across from the Public Garden will be found the little neighbourhood bar that inspired the sitcom 'Cheers'. 

Well worth a visit is the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum. 

MD105 & D133 Ireland have, as their designated hotel, Yotel, Boston Seaport.

Jacqueline and I made the pre-Convention visit to Boston at the end of March, staying at the delegation hotel, the Yotel, Boston Seaport. Boston is best seen on foot and is, by US standards, 'old'. It is 20 minutes easy walk from Yotel to the BCEC. Shuttle buses will also be available. 

20 minutes stroll from the Yotel will see you at Boston Common or Faneuil Hall - locally pronounced as 'Fanel' or 'Faniel' rhyming with 'Daniel'. 

The Seaport District has grown up over the past 5 years and is a mix of modern and historic. There are many eating establishments, to suit all tastes and pockets, within a few minutes' walk of the hotel.

We met with and had good conversations with members of the Convention Host Committee, and both drove and walked the proposed route for the Parade of Nations. We were advised that, as at 24th March 2023 there were 10,900 registrants for the Convention. We expressed our thanks to them for their support in arranging the visits and their hospitality throughout.

We visited the BCEC, where all events will be held, and were given a comprehensive tour of all areas by Staff at the Centre. The halls to be used for plenary sessions are on the level, so, repeater screens will be placed throughout so that registrants can clearly see what is taking place. There will be no arena style seating.

We visited the Westin Hotel, where the District Governors Elect will be housed and were warmly received. The Westin is linked to the BCEC by a walkway at level 2. The DGE Seminar is a one-day event on Friday 7th July in the BCEC from 07:00 16:15.

We met with staff at the Omni Hotel, which is across the road from the BCEC and where the British & Irish Reception will be held on the evening of Monday 10th July. The Omni Hotel is less than two years old, opening in September 2021. 

As noted above, we walked the currently approved Parade Route, however, there remains uncertainty as to which way the parade will follow. It is relatively short, less than 1 mile and on the level. There is a slight rise after the end of the route to where the shuttle buses are currently expected to be waiting. The plan is that shuttle buses will return participants to the BCEC after the end of the parade.

Convention Registration

Two 'Boston' Newsletters have been circulated with a third currently 'in draft'.


The Briefing Meeting will take place at 10:00 on Friday 7th July in Room 213 at the BCEC.

The Parade of Nations will be held on Saturday 8th July; information is not available at the time of drafting this report, as to our position number or step off time. 

The MD corporate identity (uniform!) for Convention will be:

The polo shirt is available to order from HQ. It is suggested that a folding Panama hat is purchased for ease of transport. Union Jack ribbon will be available to go round the hat.

The International Show, on Saturday 8th July, will ignite a blast from your rock 'n' roll past as Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen with Patrick Myers takes the stage. Killer Queen, a UK based band, is the number one Queen tribute band in the world, and they will also headline the Second Plenary at LCICon 2023 Boston.

The B & I reception will be held on Monday 10th July in the Ensemble EFG at the Omni Hotel from 21:00 23:59.

The members of the International Convention Committee have held two online meetings and communicate regularly.

I communicate regularly with the MD Appointed Travel Agents, JTA Travel, and am aware that they have already facilitated travel arrangements for many individuals.

We look forward to meeting with and welcoming all those from MD105 & D133 who are travelling to Boston.


Chair, International Convention Committee

17th April 2023