Council Chairman Portfolio Reports

Council Chairman Report

PDG Lion Richard Williams

Council Chairman

I would like to start by saying it was a great honour to be Council Chair 2021-22. I was asked why I wanted to be a Council Chair.  This is not easy to answer, it’s a bit like asking why are we Lions? We have something inside us which tells us it’s the right thing to be doing. More importantly though what does Council Chairman give you? The answer to that is that it is a lot. Especially the pride in seeing what Lions do for others.  What is also rewarding is what Lions get from being a Lion.  Lions get the satisfaction of being able to do something positive and are able to put something back into their community locally & internationally.  It has been proven that people who volunteer and help their community are usually happier people.  Perhaps the greatest gift Lions gives me and all my fellow Lions is the fun and fellowship, There are many volunteers out there who would love to be asked to be a Lion, so just ask.

I have visited all Districts, some of these were cabinet meetings as some of the District conventions were held on the same day. I wanted to visit all the district because this is primarily for opportunity for Lions in the cabinets to meet me and to ask any questions which I can help with.  I visited all Districts to say thank you for everything everyone is doing as District officers and that includes the DG. Thank you is only two words but they are powerful words. So I would like to thank all you fellow Lions for all you are doing. The recent figures on MyLCI show we have served two million people this year. That is an amazing number of people and this would be even higher if everyone reported the service their clubs had done, so please pass this on so we can tell people the true figure.  If you are unsure how to do this then ring headquarters who will be happy to help you.

The Council Chair role is also to facilitate the Council, so when I mention what has been achieved this year, and I don’t have enough space to mention all the great work being done, I speak on their behalf. It is not just the council which has made these things happen, we share the success, so I can’t name you all personally, but if you were involved in any of these successes then thank you.

Recycled Glasses - we are now one of the major recycled centres in the UK.  Chichester were already doing a great job, but with National Headquarters on board as well now, we can achieve so much more. Lions will become even more known in our communities.  If we have unique USPs, these will increase our community awareness of who we are, and  what a great USP this is. We recycle more glasses for the benefit of others than anyone else.

ROAR – This is a great youth project which was operating in several Districts already but now it is a national MD youth project. This youth project enables young people to use their imagination as to how their future may look. I believe all youth projects should be supported.  We are told the youth are our future but remember our future is today.

GAT – another success that we have achieved this year is how GAT teams are working together at District and MD level with MD105.  I would like to thank Phil, Sue and Stewart for all they do to help Lions be the best we can. I tell all GAT teams they are the circle of Lionism.

GST – through this we create a great service which enables us to empower volunteers to join us. With the pride and satisfaction they get from making a difference, we plant the seed of Lionism.  

We enable these volunteers to learn more about Lions -  what Lions do in their local and international communities to make a difference. We can then introduce these Lions to their local Lions club or show them how to create a new club. Once we have new Lion members, training is provided to them by GLT.

GLT educate our Lions on what is the meaning of being a Lion which enables Lions to then gain even more from being a Lion.  Maybe if the Lion is interested, they can increase their levels of Leadership whether this be a cabinet role or an MD role.  The main point is that through GLT we educate Lions to speak with passion and pride , This then goes back to where we started – GST - where Lions will inspire volunteers to do service with us.

GAT logo

I could write so much more and if there is something I haven't written about, which you thought I should have mentioned, I apologise.

I would like, on behalf of my wife Lion Jackie, to give best wishes to CCE Lion Alastair and Lion Gemma from District A. I know you will do a great job and I have given Lion Alistair to come on board with all meetings, including an invitation to all Council meetings. 

I leave you with all two thoughts:

Firstly - take my hand my fellow Lions, let us see a world that needs Lions more than ever before. Let’s promise to serve with pride, let us promise to serve with passion and let us promise to serve with a smile.  But most important lets promise to serve together.

Secondly, thank you to all of you. Without you we would have nothing so please keep being the great Lions you are and the definition of a Lion is a friend I don’t know yet.

Strategic Development Committee Report

PCC Lion Stewart Sherman-Kahn PMJF LCIP

MD105 Strategic Development Committee Chair

It has been an honour to serve for a second year as the Chair of the MD105 Strategic Development Committee.

The Team have been a pleasure to work with and have worked hard to ensure that the matters referred to the Committee by the Council have been given the appropriate attention.

The Council have kept us busy with work being done on various proposals. 

Approval of the District Governor Training Programme has been undertaken.

As always we have also worked with the Council Treasurer PCC Lion Philip Goodier in his preparation of this year’s MD Budget.

We are also currently re-visiting the 5 Year Plan as we have been asked to do each year.

As Chair I have ensured that all the Team have been well consulted and consensus has been reached when possible. This is the role of the Chair. I may lead but the opinions of all the Team has been sought and considered at all times.

I must thank the Team for all their hard work. We have had over 10 online meetings this year and this has been a big commitment as it always is.

The Team is:

  • Lion Phil Robinson – Council Secretary - SE
  • Lion Philip Goodier – Council Treasurer - CN
  • Lion Brigitte Green – MDHQ Manager - CW
  • Lion David Fitzpatrick – Immediate Past Council Representative - SW
  • Lion Mat Ann Woodman - Vice Council Representative - CN
  • Lion Leslie Spence – Second Vice District Governor Representative - A

I have very much enjoyed the chance to Chair this Committee for the last 2 years and wish all the best to the 2022-23 Committee.

PCC Lion Stewart Sherman-Kahn PMJF LCIP

MD105 Strategic Development Committee Chair

Patron Liaison Report

PDG Lion Patrick Hamblin 

Patron Liaison Officer

This has been another quiet year as far as involvement with our Patron is concerned, partly due to the Covid-19 issues.

In conjunction with Lion Brigitte Green at MDHQ, I organised and issued 68 certificates for Clubs and Members that have achieved 50, 60 or 70 years of service. All these certificates were individually signed by our Patron.

On behalf of the Multiple District, I sent Christmas greetings to Her Royal Highness and to her Household.

I had preliminary discussions with the Royal Household in connection with an event to which our Patron was to be invited, but subsequently the event was not held, due to Covid issues.

MD Events Officer – MD Convention Report

PDG Lion Guch Manku PMJF

MD Convention Chair

Convention 2022

The MD Convention team comprises Brigitte Green, PDG Guch Manku, CC Richard Williams, PCC Philip Goodier, Trevor Kell, Dave Allen, CS Phil Robinson and PCC Peter Burnett. DG David Pope is also aligned as Council Representative and recently IPDG Alastair Joel has joined in preparation for 2023. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the team all they have done to make this a successful Convention.

The theme for MD Convention 2022 is 'Lions It's a Kind of Magic' and the final preparations are underway for a spectacular event.

A Face-to-face Convention (with live broadcast) will be held at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham from Friday 29 April through to Sunday 1 May, with a 70th Birthday party for MD105 on Friday night and Convention being held on Saturday 30th April through to Sunday 1st May. On Thursday 28 April there will a CoG meeting in the afternoon with the usual First and Last Super event comprising current and income Council.

International Guest is PIP Jim Ervin and he all booked in, arriving on Wednesday 27 April, leaving on Monday 2 May.

District Guests
A 40
CE 36
CN 25
CW 59
N 12
SC 14
SE 21
SW 11
MD Totals Lions 218
Not a Lion 38
Not 105 7
Total 263

The numbers at present are: 263 Attendees (MD Lions, Lion Visitors & Partners), from 137 Clubs, 51 of whom are first timers to Convention. With 169 booked in for Host Night and 208 for the gala dinner. Covid and not having had a physical Convention for a couple of years is keeping numbers low. The attendee split across the MD is shown in the table.

Several requests have been made about a truly hybrid convention, enabling interaction from those that cannot attend a physical Convention. The 2021 Digital event had much higher numbers, with some 400 delegates registered. We should look to the future and try and be more inclusive if the technology allows, however delegate voting must be with attendees physically present at Convention, so makes this a difficult nut to crack.

The final costs for 2022 Convention at the Holiday Inn Birmingham will depend on number of attendees. From the agreed budget, there are additional costs for the AV Team and for accommodation, we managed to reduce the minimum numbers for Host Night and Gala Dinner and have no minimum for the lunch on Saturday, this has reduced our financial risk. A final review of deliverables by hotel is planned for Thursday 21 April from which final operational plans will be agreed. 

Convention 2023

The early planning team for MD Convention 2023 comprises, IPDG Alastair Joel, PDG Guch Manku, PCC Philip Goodier, PCC Peter Burnett, and IPID Geoff Leeder.

The impact of Covid has delayed negotiations with hotels, potential venues for Convention 2023 have been approached, pricing is high. Two front runners are Southport (The Prince of Wales Hotel through Southport Convention Centre) between 28 and 30 April and East of England Arena, Peterborough between 5 and 7 May.

I look forward to working with the wider team as we move forward with MD Convention 2023.

Data Protection Report

Lion Lioness Robyn Banks

MD Data Protection Officer

This is my second full year in post. 

District Data Protection/Data Compliance Officers

This year I have had much support from the appointed officers in A, N and SC – I should like to publicly show my gratitude to these officers for their work with me in their respective Districts.  I am the Officer myself for CE, CW and SE as well.  

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – Fee

Some clubs are not (in my opinion and we can justify this!) “eligible” for paying the fee – this would be clubs of 5 or less members or Branch Clubs.  I have kept a record of those clubs who have heeded my ADVICE and paid the ICO fee.  Please find below a table showing these statistics by District.  The last time this was updated was 23rd March 2022:

DISTRICT A – 46/61 clubs DISTRICT CE – 64/89 clubs
DISTRICT CN – 56/83 clubs DISTRICT CW – 37/89 clubs
DISTRICT N – 33/69 clubs DISTRICT SC – 29/53 clubs
DISTRICT SE – 34/52 clubs DISTRICT SW – 27/57 clubs

TOTAL – 326/553= 52% of UK clubs have registered with the ICO. This is an increase of 4% of 105 clubs on last year. 

It should be noted that these figures do not include the District and MD registrations, nor the individual charity elements such as LionsGiving (through SE).  I have also only been able to discount those clubs which I know have, unfortunately, closed down in the pandemic.  I have checked MyLCI for the list of all clubs currently operating in 105 and their total membership. 

Earlier this year I issued an email re-iterating my advice on this matter – this email was issued with Council authority. This work is set to continue in 2022/2023 as I am still being approached by clubs across the MD for advice on this matter.

Privacy Notices and Other Documentation

I continue to draft Privacy Notices and associated documentation for clubs across the MD.  I shall be running a rolling programme for those clubs who have not yet approached me to offer my services.  It should be noted that I conduct this work for Lions Clubs free of charge, but it is my professional integrity on the line constantly. Any ADVICE given is based on 22 years’ experience in the field and with the backing of my business professional indemnity insurance – no such thing as a “silly question”!

I am happy to continue to provide advice to clubs whenever they may request it – whether it is answering questions, giving advice on utilising data or providing appropriately-worded documentation.  I am happy – especially if this can be achieved electronically – to “visit” clubs, zones, regions or District meetings to present on the matter. 

There is a selection of Articles on MD website which provide guidance on the ICO fee, Privacy Notices and give the suggested wording for Email footers, forms (whether on a website or on paper).  


I have delivered some training in CE and CW on personal data handling and more sessions are planned for next year. This follows on from the training in May 2020 on the “legal” requirements and covers such things as utilising Directories and emails.  This session has been well received in the Districts where it has been specifically delivered – A (last year), CE and CW. 

Training to Vice District Governors continues and is now established in the “curriculum”. Casework over the year continues to show a requirement to ensure that our “leaders” are aware of how to handle data as well.

On a personal level I attended the recent Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI) – this is already impacting on my lions work in a positive manner and I am sure it will continue to do so. 


We became aware through the ICO that they had received a complaint about Lions’ handling of data.  This was dropped by the ICO for lack of evidence, but does highlight that they can receive such a complaint at any time and are duty-bound to investigate. 

If any Lion believes that there has been a breach of Data Protection/UK GDPR laws involving their data through the Lions organisation, they should report it to either the District Officer or myself (or both) for investigation.


Brexit has only changed one aspect of Data Protection legislation  - in respect of “international transfers” of data.  But we have in place a data sharing agreement with LCI Oakbrook which sets out use of data by both “sides”.  This document requires re-drafting and I am in the process of working with ICO and Senior legal counsel at Oakbrook to achieve this.  I am keeping Council of Governors informed as required at each stage as well. I am still working on this as the ICO keep amending the advice and this results in “starting again”.  I am hopeful that the latest rendition is the last for a while.  

Europe – I represent MD 105 on the Europa Forum Data Protection Working group.  However, this group has not had any meeting since August 2021.  BREXIT has had an impact here too.  105 has to have the Agreement with LCI Oakbrook ratified by the UK ICO, regardless of what is put in place with other Multiple Districts/Districts in our Constitutional Area.  The agreement/code of conduct which is put in place for other European Districts/Multiple Districts is unlikely to meet the requirements of our laws.  I intend to attend Europa Forum in Zagreb in October and meet up with my colleagues in this group then. 

Health and Safety Report

Lion Andrew Wilcox

MD Health and Safety Officer

I made contact with those District Safety Officers who have been notified to National HQ to introduce myself following my appointment. I held online meetings with the District HSO’s as and when required.

I conducted the annual Safety Inspection of National HQ in September 2021 and made recommendations.

I have monitored UK Government guidance on the Covid-19 pandemic on a daily basis throughout the year.

I provided advice and guidance to Officers and Clubs on a variety of H&S matters throughout the year.

I attended National HQ to assist with the Building Fire Risk Assessment review on January 26th and provided advice prior to and again after the opening of the spectacle recycling operation in the building.

I will be attending MD Convention.

International Convention Committee Report

PCC Lion Philip Goodier

The 2022 International Convention, the 104th, is scheduled to run from June 24 - 28, 2022 - Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Known as ‘Canada’s Cultural Capital’, Quebec’s largest city is like no other in North America! Behind Paris, Montréal is the 2nd largest French-speaking city in the world and truly a foodie’s paradise. 

The underground pedestrian network is impressive with over 2,000 shops covering 18 miles, the 9 miles of shops lining the famous Sainte-Catherine Street has been the pride of Montréal for over a century. Notre-Dame Basilica, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and the Olympic Stadium are just a few sights that should not be missed. If nature is your escape, 343 acres of green space in Mount Royal Park offers the best views of this cosmopolitan city. Montréal has so much more to offer.

MD105 & D133 Ireland have, as their designated hotel, Hotel Delta Montréal by Marriott - The hotel is 0.7 Miles from the Convention centre, adjacent to the Entertainment District, known as the Quartier des Spectacles and close to Mount Royal. 

PCC Philip and Jacqueline undertook a pre-Convention visit to Montreal w/c 13th March and had the opportunity to visit the Centre Bell/Bell Centre, venue for the International Show and the Plenary Sessions, the Palais de Congres/Convention Centre, venue for registration, exhibition hall and voting, where we were given full tours of the facilities. Both venues are very good and should enable all delegates to have a very enjoyable experience.

We also had the opportunity to have dinner with members of the Montreal Host Committee 

and have expressed my thanks to them for their support in arranging the visits and their hospitality throughout.

The MD corporate identity (uniform!) for Convention will be:

The polo shirt is available to order from HQ. It is suggested that a folding Panama hat is purchased for ease of transport. Union Jack ribbon will be available to go round the hat.

There will be a briefing meeting on Thursday 23rd June for all delegates at the Hotel Delta Montréal by Marriott.

The International Show, on Saturday 25th June, will feature legendary performer and co-founder of Motown Records, Smokey Robinson. No doubt the Bell Centre will rock to the sounds of such classic hits as “I Second That Emotion” and “Tears of a Clown”.

The Parade of Nations will take place on Saturday 25th June and will follow a 1.5km route along one of the main Boulevard’s in Montreal before finishing adjacent to the Palais de Congres/Convention Centre. Jacqueline and I walked the route during our visit, it is mainly level with a short downhill section before resuming a level course. The Parade start is near to the Headquarters Hotel, Sheraton Centre.

MD105 is 95 in the Parade Order of March and D133 Ireland is at 128.

The B & I Reception will take place on Monday 27th June at the Palais de Congres and information will be provided to all MD105 7 D133 registrants in due course.

The members of the International Convention Committee have held two online meetings and communicate regularly.

Three ‘Montreal’ Newsletters have been published to date for the information of all members. 

The current global covid situation continues to cause uncertainties, though, at the time of drafting this report, travel is becoming easier.

I communicate regularly with the MD Appointed Travel Agents, JTA Travel, and am aware that they have already facilitated travel arrangements for many individuals.

We look forward to meeting with and welcoming all those from MD105 & D133 who are travelling to Montreal.