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Zoom Session Open


Morning Session - Call to Order / Welcome, Peter Burnett, SAA


Welcome - IPCC Stewart Sherman-Kahn, Convention Chair


Loyal Greetings & Patron Address - Peter Burnett, SAA


Address - International President Lion Dr. Jung-Yul Choi See the video


Celebrity Welcome - 'The Celebrity' Shirley Ballas video


Invocation and In Memoriam - DG Barrie Prior See the video


Guest Speaker - Nigel Owens, President Young Farmers - Partnerships See the video


Guest Speaker - Dr David Yates MSc ACMA CGMA PhD - Service Futures See the video


Voting - How it will work - Trevor Kell, CRNO


Amendments to Resolution 'C' - Trevor Kell, CRNO



Vote on Amendments to Resolution 'C'

ROAR Programme Video

Minutes of MD Convention 2019 - IPCC Stewart Sherman-Kahn, Convention Chair (Vote for Acceptance will take place at lunch)


Resolutions and 'A' to 'F' - Trevor Kell, CRNO


Convention Reports - Peter Burnett, SAA


Address - Phil Robinson, MD Secretary See the video


Address - Philip Goodier, MD Treasurer


Adoption of Reports - Peter Burnett, SAA

Thanks to all MD Officers and Coordinators - GAT, Leadership, Membership, Service and LCIF

GAT video

Leadership video

Membership video

Service video

LCIF video

Air ambulance See the video

Guest Speaker - David Harkin, CEO 8billionideas - Attitude & Business through COVID See the video

Resolution 'G' - Trevor Kell, CRNO

Q and A Panel - IPDG Gurcharan Manku, Convention Host & The Panel



Voting opens (voting closes at the end of the lunch break)

Breakout Rooms open


Voting Closes


Afternoon Session - Call to Order

Youth Services - MD Officers See the video

Peace Poster and Peace Essay video

Symposium video


New Voices - Caroline MacDonald, New Voices


Young Lions Taskforce Europe See the video

Resolutions - The Results - Trevor Kell, CNRO

Meet the District Governors (some videos are not yet available due to copyright music issues)

105A - Alastair Joel

105CE - Ujjal Kular

105CN - Barry Prior

105CW - Richard Williams

105N - David Wilson

105SC - Steve Petty

105SE - Ian Forbes

105SW - David Fitzpatrick

Meet the Council Chair Elect - Richard Williams

Meet the District Governor Elect Team (some videos are not yet available due to copyright music issues)

105A - Karanjeet Kaur Assan

105CE - David Pope

105CN - Neil Martin

105N - Nigel Ware

105SC - Brian Donovan

105SE - Steve Coe

105SW - Mark Lockie


Break, Lions Lean on Me

Championing the Global Causes - IPCC Stewart Sherman-Kahn & MD Officers

Vision video

Brain Tumour Research video

Hunger video

Diabetes video

Global Service video

Awards Ceremony - ID Geoff Leeder

Convention 2022 - IPDG Gurcharan Manku, Convention Host


Thanks, a final word from the Chair and Close - IPCC Stewart Sherman-Kahn, Convention Chair