Useful information for exhibitors

Set up: You can gain access to the exhibition area from 9.30am on Friday 3 May. The exhibition area is on the ground floor of the Convention venue which is The Winter Gardens, Seafront, Weston-super-Mare.

You should aim to be fully set up by 12.45pm as registration starts at 1.00pm. You can leave your display in place until Sunday close of Convention.

Access into the Convention venue is at ground level.

All the exhibition space has been allocated. Please do not take another exhibitor's space.

There will be an exhibition plan available so that you have an idea of where to go and each table will be labelled so you will spot your display area easily.

Parking: There is parking at the venue and we have use of the shopping centre car park called The Sovereign Centre.

Each exhibitor will be allocated a 2.4m wide x 1.2m deep space. This will include a 6ft table, chair and tablecloth and/or extra items depending on what you have requested. Some exhibitors have requested three or four tables together which will be allocated as requested. All 240v equipment requires an up-to-date PAT sticker.

Please ensure that all your exhibition stand/boxes are labelled and easily identifiable.

The venue has requested that we do not display any material on the walls as blue tac etc does leave a mark. Please refrain from doing so.

Please bring your own extension lead as the venue will not be able to provide them.

Security of your exhibit is down to you. You are advised that the venue and the event organiser cannot accept any responsibility in respect of loss or theft of articles from the premises during the event or any articles left on the premises at any time.

Every care must be taken to ensure that the floor of the hall is not damaged or scratched by your display stands.

Any electrical equipment brought in must be PAT tested.

Please do not assume that storage is available. Ensure that all packaging is stored safely and securely under your table or behind your stand.

Please be mindful of health and safety issues. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no trip hazards around your exhibition stand for the safety of the event attendees.

Contact: Lion Mandy Broadbent will be overseeing the exhibition area and she will be available to help with any queries on Friday morning.

Refreshments: Tea and coffee is available to purchase throughout Convention. 

Wi-fi: Free wi-fi is available throughout the venue.

Toilets: Toilets are located throughout the building and are clearly signposted.