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Report to MD Convention

KorleBuPID Lion Howard Lee

Moorfields Lions Korle Bu Trust Chairman

Our MD105 Project is a Success!

In West Africa, there are around 2.6 million people known to be blind, but the actual total could be twice that figure. Whilst up to 90% of this blindness could be cured or prevented, sight services available in the region have historically been at levels only around 20% of those needed to tackle the problem. So, the most important part of our MD105 project, the Lions international Eye Centre, Korle Bu, is to provide training for ophthalmic surgeons and their teams, IN West Africa, BY West Africa, FOR West Africa. This training project is now starting to show very positive results, which will lead to much improve eye services throughout the region, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Over the last 15 years, we Lions of MD105 have been working with Moorfields Eye Hospital, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and others to develop the Lions International Eye Centre, a new eye unit and surgical training facility at Ghana’s main teaching hospital in Accra. The centre provides a resource for the diagnosis, management and treatment of all eye diseases, whilst enabling specialists from across West Africa to train in a safe and high-volume surgery unit. Once trained, ophthalmologists not only put their skills to use in their place of work in West Africa, but also pass on their knowledge and skills to colleagues, disseminating expertise and helping to eliminate preventable blindness from cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and many other conditions across the region. Without your continued support, we would not have been able to achieve this. On behalf of everyone involved in the project, thank you.

Our Eye Centre

After a building programme that took over 10 long years, the brand new, state-of-the-art Eye Centre became fully functional, with nurse screening, general and specialist outpatient and inpatient services, vision testing, operating theatres, spectacle dispensing and pharmacy all working well. As news travels of the new services, the number of patients being seen and treated is steadily rising, with day and inpatient ward care as required. In the old unit, KBTH would have treated around 75 patients per day. In the new unit, they can, and do, treat around 300 patients per day.

We are in the process of preparing the building for handover to KBTH, and once handed over, our operational agreement with KBTH specifies that we can use the facilities necessary for our training courses up to 12 times per year.

“Give a Man a Fish, and you Feed Him for a Day – Teach a Man to Fish, and you Feed Him for Life”

Work on the development of courses is progressing very well, in conjunction with the many interested professionals, and using the facilities of University College London. At the Lions International Eye Centre, Korle Bu, we have so far trained 15 students in Medical Retina, 11 students in Glaucoma, 11 students in Anterior Segment and 3 students in Oculoplasty. In addition, we have trained around 10 to join the faculty, so that our courses are now being staffed entirely by local faculty members. We also now have a fully trained and very efficient local courses manager, in addition to our local representative Dr Stephen Akafo. These local representatives and facilitators are vital as we move towards sustainability for the long term.

These activities can be seen in video at, and

Most excitingly, we have posted an online course introducing suitably trained medical personnel to the speciality of ophthalmic surgery, which course has so far been taken by nearly 200 doctors.

Be in no doubt, the work we Lions are now doing, in partnership with Moorfields, KBTH, WACS, LCIF and others, is providing West Africa with eye services of a quality and quantity that could not have been envisaged before, and we are changing huge numbers of lives for the better.

During the Pandemic

Unfortunately, the pandemic did cause a two-year hiatus in our courses programme. However, during that time we continued to work on other aspects which will improve stability and sustainability for the future, such as:

Moorfields House

Along with the Lions International Eye Centre, we built an accommodation block, with full catering facilities, known as Moorfields House. The original purpose of this block was to cut out the high cost of housing our students and facilitators in hotels during the courses, and it is now being used for this purpose. However, since opening it, we have found that there is great demand for space within the hospital grounds. We have rented two rooms to WACS, and two rooms to World Child Cancer, for use as offices on a long-term basis, still leaving us six bedrooms for accommodation use. We are now getting a growing number of enquiries for accommodation space by others visiting KBTH for various reasons, and we have high hopes of making a significant surplus on Moorfield House to be ploughed back into our courses programme.

The Future Looks Great

Our plan is to build up the number of course to at least six per year. We have been working on reducing the cost of courses: over the last year we have reduced the costs from around £15,000 each to around £10,000 each. Further cost reductions will be sought, and again this is very important to future sustainability.

The Lions of Ghana are once again showing interest in assisting with this project, and I will be holding discussions with them on my next visit to Accra, which is 14 to 16 May 2022.

Your Help Is Needed

LCIF has been a partner in this project for many years, and it continues to be so. Under our current agreement with LCIF, all donations from clubs or individuals to LCIF designated for Korle Bu will qualify for the LCIF Campaign 100 goals, and they will also qualify for Melvyn Jones Fellowships and all other Campaign 100 recognitions. This agreement expires on 30 June 2022, so please be as generous as you can with cash or pledges before that date. Please consult your District LCIF Campaign 100 Co-ordinator to make your donation or pledge.

A Huge Thank You

On behalf of everyone involved in the project, and on behalf of the many thousands of people in West Africa who are benefitting from our work, I thank you again for your kind and loyal support in the past, and I would ask you to continue that support for the next few years.

PID Lion Howard Lee

Chairman, Moorfields Lions Korle Bu Trust

31 March 2022

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MD LCIF Report

PCC Andy Pemberton

MD LCIF Coordinator

An exceptionally busy time for LCIF as sadly some parts of the world are at war which is always a time when the Foundation is called upon for its humanitarian efforts – reports are being updated daily and I will be reporting any updates at Convention.

2nd Vice President Patti Hill visit to MD 105

It was a pleasure to accompany Lion Patti and Lion Greg during their short visit to MD 105 28th February to 4th March. It was put together by PID Howard at short notice but still encompassed 4 projects historically supported by LCIF (LIBRA, Moorfields Lions Korle Bu Trust, St Vincent’s Special Education School Liverpool). In addition she attended 2 evening meetings organised by SE and CN with over 100 attending. Those that attended saw Patti give an inspirational and wide ranging address then answered questions frankly.

Campaign 100

There has been a significant increase in donations to Campaign 100 which as of 13th April stand at $2,032,000, we are approaching the target of $2.1m

As I anticipated in January report there was a boost to donations from successful Christmas Fund Raising following Disasters in USA - Tornados, Philippines – Typhoon.

Then came the Ukrainian war which has seen a surge in donations from Clubs at a rate not equalled since the Haiti Earthquake 2010.

I will submit an update to Council which will report more accurately the position of Campaign 100 and the reaction . On Monday 11th I attended an LCIF Coordinators European meeting and LCIF staff reported that they were behind in processing March/April donations and updating Model Club numbers.

Global Service Team presentations

As part of the GST programme of presenting Service Activities in a series of Zoom broadcasts I organised with 2 District LCIF Coordinators, Roy Chambers and Alan Hall, an introduction to LCIF. Over 100 Lions viewed one of the two presentations and participated in the question and answer sessions. Thanks to Roy and Alan for their hard work.

LCIF Day June 11th

This programme is being redirected to LCIF Ukraine, and will feature stories of where Donations have been used to help those suffering as a result of this war. There has been an amazing amount of material appearing on Social Media which we have tried to feed regularly to District Coordinators.

PCC Stewart Sherman-Kahn presented in the Global Service Presentation referred to above. Material to support LCIF day is being developed and District Coordinators will be updated before MD Convention

The Recognition Event has been cancelled

DGE Training

I will be participating in 2VDG training on June 11th, thanks to MDGLT for giving us an early opportunity to talk DGEs

The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to require donations for LCIF grants , hopefully the war will finish soon and allow LCIF to begin supporting the rebuilding phase.

Grants are available to assist Districts where refugees are being resettled (minimum number 100), when the UK visa programme become effective MD105 we will be able to take advantage of this programme.

Thank you to all District LCIF Coordinators for their hard work in this challenging year, and the Council for their support.

PCC Andy Pemberton