Communications Co-ordinator Report 

Lion Heather Yaxley

Team members: Lions Mandy Broadbent, Ian Gott, Rick Hough and Dave Allen.

Members of the Communication portfolio team have worked well together in 2021/22. This has helped maximise our resources and communicate a clear vision for Lions Clubs British Isles. This is evident in two highlights of the year—publication of the new Step Forward community report and launch of a podcast, Step Forward and Volunteer.

A print run of 30,000 copies of the community report was financed by an LCI grant. Members were sent a personal copy and with its focus on local community volunteering, clubs have a great conversation starter for potential members. The bright design continues with postcards, posters, and leaflets (available from National Headquarters), and social media downloads.

The strategy for the new podcast is to celebrate local community volunteering and become a ‘go to’ listen. Published on the second Wednesday of each month it is available to download or listen ‘on demand’ through a range of audio platforms (eg Spotify) and devices (eg Alexa). All episodes can be found on the public website and each month the audience size is growing.

Review of the LION magazine saw new suppliers appointed to ensure costs are competitive and the publication is modern and forward-looking. The well-received Autumn/Winter and Spring editions featured new and engaging ideas, stories, and articles. PDF and flip versions, along with a new ‘talking’ digital file (with thanks to Lion John May), are available to download from the public website. Magazine stories link also to podcast episodes and social media content.

Social media presence has increased with Instagram and LinkedIn added alongside Twitter and Facebook. These share stories, graphics, photographs, plus mini-video and audio clips. This integrated approach is continuing with a new Local Community Stories area of the public website. Each month a curated collection of interesting pieces, positive news and nice photographs will be published there.

The increasing importance of digital and online communications relies on the abilities of the team (and its suppliers) to maintain skills and ensure systems remain secure and up to date. This includes offering advice, support, coaching and ‘helpdesk’ assistance to clubs, districts, and MD officers. As well as public, member, and club communications (including Forum access to the online Directory), the team has supported IT requirements of Headquarters staff, Zoom meetings, ‘road shows’, District Conventions, and the forthcoming MD Convention.

Members of the team have also worked closely with LCI and other global contacts, including to support the LCIF Campaign 100 and humanitarian initiatives concerning Ukraine.

Marketing and PR – Review of the Year 

Lion Mandy Broadbent

Step Forward – a report on the value of local community volunteering

Working with the Portfolio Coms Co-ordinator to develop the new Step Forward booklet. Researching areas and sourcing short stories to include. Co-ordinating the design, print and production of 30,000 copies. This new resource was sent to all Lions members with their copy of the printed LION magazine. Further boxes of fifty are available for every club from Lions National Headquarters, with just the cost of postage to pay. An online copy of the resource is available to read and download online from

Step Forward postcards, posters and leaflets are also available from Lions National Headquarters. Shareable Step Forward images are available through the Lions members site.

LION Podcast – Step Forward and Volunteer

A podcast is an audio programme that you can listen to whenever you like using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

This is a new monthly podcast launched in December 2021. On the second Wednesday of each month a new podcast is available You can subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode or listen ‘on-demand’ through the audio platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Podbean.

The Lion podcast Step Forward and Volunteer features stories, information and discussions about local community volunteering. Through conversations with inspirational guests Step Forward and Volunteer celebrates the positive difference volunteering makes to communities across the British Isles and beyond.

New Social Media Channels

New social media channels have been launched which will share graphics, photos and stories.

LCIF Campaign 100

Information is continually being collated from Lions Clubs International and online sources to update the LCIF MD Officer, District Officers and clubs. A range of posters, online shareable images, press releases and newsletters are being produced to share with district officers and members to support public collections and LCIF day.

The Lions clubs public site is undergoing a refresh to feature stories from the LION Magazine to engage with the public.

The Lions members site is continually updated with new resources included from MD Officers.

LION Magazine

Lion Mandy Broadbent, Lion Ian Gott and Lion Rick Hough

At the start of the year it was agreed that three printed copies of the LION magazine would be produced in each Lionistic year – Autumn, Spring and Summer. Lions Clubs International would subsidise two issues and a third would be paid for by Lions Clubs of the British Isles subsidised from the Lions PR budget.

Following the Lions Clubs International Editorial meet-up in Dublin 2019, the LION magazine committee were asked to implement the changes for the British Isles Edition going forward. The LION magazine needs to engage not only with Lions members but with the wider public. A requirement of each edition is that it needs to include key interesting features and stories focusing on the content theme pre-set.

Two LION Magazines have been printed in this Lionistic year, the Autumn/Winter Edition on fundraising and partnerships and the Spring Edition on makers and creators.

Both the LION Magazines - Autumn/Winter and Spring editions are available:

The LION Magazine committee would like to thank the Council Treasurer and Communications Portfolio Coordinator for their valuable support and assistance in appointing three new suppliers of which the committee are now working with to provide:

Information Technology 

Dave Allen

1.  MD Convention 2021

The AV equipment for 2022 has been booked. As the team isn’t able to access the room until the Friday morning, more support has been requested and approved. Over the last few months the convention team have been meeting regularly to ensure a smooth Convention.

Can I remind everyone who will be presenting at convention to ensure you have your PowerPoint ready to send to myself well in advance of the Convention. Global Service Team Presentations

Supporting the Service team zoom presentations. Assisting with downloading and importing of video clips into PowerPoint presentations. Compiling, uploading and reducing file sizes to ensure smooth running.

Directory completion

The new 2021/22 directory continues to be updated regularly and is available on the forum.

Member website updates

The functionality of the member website [] is continuously being reviewed for the latest software and content revision. MD officers for 2021/22 are being contacted to update pages and attachments, where relevant.

365 and cloud storage of documents and files

DGs and MD officers are reminded to use their Microsoft 365 Lions account and store all official documents and file in the Cloud system. Should instruction on use of 365 and/or resolution of problems be required, please contact MDO IT, (myself) Dave Allen.

2.  Progress towards objectives for the year

No major issues have been encountered with the Lions websites, thanks to ongoing monitoring and service support. Likewise, revision of Google Ads ensures strong SEO listing for the website.

It should be noted that changes to social media platforms increasingly favours paid-for rather than natural search and engagement. Following political pressure globally, Facebook has changed its algorithms and problems are being encountered by many group and page owners. Following suspension of the MD page a new page has been set up with the link as A different approach to social media presence will be required going forwards. We are taking this into consideration with our online strategy.

3.  Main Objectives for the next 3 years

  1. Support digital upskilling within the membership. 
  2. Review requirements for the member website, including development of digital directory. 
  3. Ensure Lions Clubs MD105 online presence is effective across paid, earned, owned and shared digital platforms to attract new members and promote service activities.