How the day will happen

Use of Zoom

Zoom will be open at 9:30 am for a 10 am start. However, All Delegates and Alternates are asked to join the meeting at 9 o’clock for registration checking. This will close at 9:15 am.

Joining a Zoom Meeting


In order to reduce the potential for delays on a tight timetable, as many as possible of the presentations will be pre-recorded.

All microphones will be muted from your joining the Convention and during the Convention with the exception of those members of the team who are operating the technology and those who are speaking live at any particular time. Please do not unmute yourself as any attendee who is consistently adding noise which disrupts the display will be put into the waiting room and let back in after 5 minutes.

Questions are be asked for in advance on the Resolutions and should be sent to PDG Lion Derek Blow ( so that, where questions of a similar nature occur, they only need to be answered once. Should anyone wish to raise a question during the Convention, they must ask using the CHAT facility on ZOOM. This facility will be monitored throughout and requests then put through to the DG to give permission. Please note that this facility must also be used if you wish to speak in debate.

When called to speak you should unmute yourself and put yourself back on mute when finished.

If speaking at any time please start with your Name and Club to assist the Minutes Secretary. You are also asked to show your Name and Club as your name on your Zoom picture. This naming procedure described in 

Joining a Zoom Meeting.


A code will be sent to you during the week prior to the event.

How to vote


Please be aware that to assist the Minutes Secretary the Convention will be recorded in voice and video.