2022 Minutes

Minutes for 2022 70th Multiple District Convention MD105

30th April -1st May 2022


SAA Call to order, Health and Safety briefing and welcome to Special Guest PIP Jim Ervin.

National Anthems

Welcome by Council Chairman Richard Williams

Welcome to Leos and First time attendees

Guests: ID Lion Teresa Dineen, DG Ann Ellis, D133, PDG Lion Heiko Dallman from Germany, Europa Forum president 2022, PDG Lion Drazen from Croatia, & From France PDG Pascale Grieve

Lighting of the Candle of Peace follows by the Listing of names of Lions who have passed to higher service by District- Long may we remember them.

Lions Mission DG David Pope

Welcome to Birmingham Town Crier Lion Jeremy who opened convention

Introduction of Jim Ervin by PID Geoff Leeder

Address by Jim Ervin and Thanks by CC Richard

Thanks by CC Richard for Food bank items and video.

Presentations by International Guests - CC Richard thanked them all for coming.

SAA Advises update on Attendance

Delegate 173

Clubs 95

MD CNRO Trevor Kell Explained Speaking and Voting Procedures and Invoked Standing Orders.

Minutes 2021 proposed and accepted

Proposed: Jackie Robinson

Seconded: Guch Manku

CNRO Trevor Kell outlined Procedures for endorsement of PID Lion Phil Nathan for 3rdIVP Lion

Endorsement for next three Int Conventions Boston, Mexico and Melbourne.

Presentations by GAT Team Phil Nathan, Sue Wilding  and Stewart Sherman-Kahn

Service leads to Membership, being a Lion is being a part of an amazing team,  

MD Officer Reports. Updates and thanks from CC Richard

All officers stand.

All Reports accepted by Convention

Nomination for Phil Nathan for 3rd International Vice President

Proposer and Seconder speak on behalf of PID Lion Phil Nathan

President Centennial Lions Club- Propose

DG David Pope- Second

CCE Alastair Joel

Presentation by PID Lion Phil Nathan

Update by Council Secretary Phil Robinson to thank the team at National Headquarters and SAA Peter Burnett.

Update from Council Treasurer. Showing where income comes from, and where we spend it.

Thank you to Lion Beccy for Insurance work, resulting in substantial savings for the MD.

Covered Risks such as Insurance Premium tax.

Council Treasurer showed the impact of member numbers on Dues.

Vote on CS and CT Reports Convention Agreed.

Living with Dementia Presentation by Lion Stu Young.


Resolution A concerns the voting rights of the Global Action Team Co-ordinators at District Cabinet.

WORDING: This Convention resolves that the International Board of Directors be requested to revisit their decision to include the District Co-Ordinators of the Global Membership Team, Global Leadership Team, Global Service Team and the District LCIF Co-Ordinator as non-voting members of the District Cabinet and consider giving these valuable members of the District Teams full voting privileges as Cabinet members.  

DG Lion David Wilson to propose this resolution on behalf of District 105N

DG Elect Lion Kevin Hunter Seconds

Discussion was held

Voting: Carried

Resolution B concerns Multiple District Dues

WORDING: This Convention Resolves that the Multiple District Dues for Lions Year 2022/2023 be set at a maximum of £36.50 per member per annum, payable in two equal instalments (on 1 August 2022 based on membership at 30 June 2022 and on 1 February 2023 based upon membership at 31 December 2022).

The exact amount to be decided at the April 2022 Council of Governors Meeting, but not expected to exceed: £30.00.

C T Lion Philip Goodier to propose this resolution on behalf of Council

C S Lion Phil Robinson Seconds

Discussion was held

Voting: Carried

Lunch Break 12:15 1 Hour

SAA Update 182 Delegates 100 clubs

Mr Motivator put us through our paces. Can I sit down now.

Result of PID Philip Charles Nathan nomination. Duly endorsed as a Candidate for Lions Clubs International Third Vice President.

Delegates 180, No Cast 174, Votes in Favour 158, Against 9 spoilt 7

Phil N addressed Convention to say thank you.

Lions Passion presentations Compared by Nigel Packer

Robyn Banks, Keith Wilding, David Ebsworth and Jim Ervin

Badging up of Nigel Packer now Lion Nigel Packer

Update on LCIF LCIF Officer Andy Pemberton

Review of Mid Wife bag called BABY Lifeline , and the current Ukrainian Appeal. Project supported by Balsall Lions Club. Deployed in Kyiv. And several other cities.

Special award: Special citation and recognition given to Sue Boucher Chichester club, for the Spectacle Recycling for the MD by PID Geoff Leeder and PID Phil Nathan. Sue announced a donation of £5000 to Korle Bu Sight hospital.

ROAR presentation Lion David Skinner

New Voices and Symposium presentation Lion Caroline MacDonald

Emergency Resolution 1a

I would now like to put forward to you Emergency Resolution 1, This Resolution came in after the Resolution Deadline, Council submitted it, Council Chairman Richard accepted the resolution. But before it can be allowed to be discussed it has to be Voted on to accept it.

Hopefully once you have accepted it can be accepted, It can be put forward as a resolution

Request from the floor that Convention confirms that there are still 150 voting delegates in the room. A count was held and 154 delegates counted so votes proceeded.

Vote to Accept Emergency resolution.

All those in favour: Carried

Emergency Resolution 1 - to amend By-Law 11 to the MD Constitution.

This Convention Resolves to amend By-Law 11 to the MD Constitution By deleting the current wording in its entirety

Proposed by DG Brian Donovan

Seconded by DG Lion Neil Martin

We have also received an amendment to the resolution which will be read into the records from Lion Trevor Kell.

EMERGENCY RESOLUTION 1 - to amend By-Law 11 to the MD Constitution.

This Convention Resolves to amend By-Law 11 to the MD Constitution By deleting the current wording in its entirety


11 A minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) delegates in attendance at Convention shall constitute a quorum. If such a quorum is found not to be present during any session of Convention during which matters requiring a vote by registered delegate remain to be dealt with, the Chairperson shall immediately declare that Convention Stands Adjourned until a time and place to be determined by the Council of Governors.

and replacing with the words:


11 The attendance in person of a majority of the delegates registered at a convention shall constitute a quorum at any session of the convention


The suggested wording mirrors LCI's Standard MD Constitution requirements for a Quorum at MD Convention.

The current requirement for 150 delegates has remained unchanged since at least 2002, and was adopted unchanged into the updated Constitution in 2005. In 2006/7 when the current Constitution was in force, there were 13 Districts and 20,500 members.

Our membership currently stands at 10,206 and we have 8 Districts. With such a reduction in membership, is it reasonable to expect the same number of voting delegates to attend?

The Cost to the Multiple District, and to individual members attending, of having to hold a second Convention Business Meeting in any year to comply with the requirements of the current By-Law 11 in the event that fewer than 150 voting Delegates registered for Convention would be considerable.

There is nothing in the Constitution to reduce the Quorum at any such re-convened Convention Business Meeting.

This year, less than a month before Convention, there was a very real prospect that the Convention might not be Quorate under the current rules.

By adopting the wording as published by LCI in the Standard MD Constitution the disruption and excess costs suggested above could never occur in the future.

Resolution Amendment:  Vote : Convention Declined.

Discussion on substantive resolution.

Resolution 1 Vote :  Declined

Q & A session chaired by Lion Guch

Resolution C concerns a request for the MD 105 Foundation Trustees to consider applications for Funds from the International Disaster Fund (Restricted Water) to support Water, Sanitation, and Health projects.

WORDING: Council seeks the agreement of Convention to request MD 105 Foundation Trustees to consider applications for Funds from the International Disaster Fund (Restricted Water) to support Water, Sanitation, and Health projects.

PCC Stewart Sherman Kahn to propose this resolution on behalf of the Council

PCC Andy Pemberton Seconds.

Voting:  Carried

Resolution D concerns encouraging new members to be DBS Checked.

WORDING: All new Lion and Leo members should be strongly encouraged where practicable and lawful, to have a DBS check as soon as possible after they have joined the Organisation.

MDO Lion Paul Southerton to propose the resolutions on behalf of the Council of Governors

DG Lion David Pope Seconds

Discussion were held

Voting:  Carried

Resolution E concerns encouraging members who are DBS checked to sign up to the automatic update system

WORDING: Existing Lions who have been checked through the DBS system and who are not on the update system will be strongly encouraged after four years to be rechecked and to sign up for the update system when they receive their new certificate from the DBS.

MDO Lion Paul Southerton propose the resolution on behalf of the Council of Governors.

DG Lion Karanjeet Assan Seconds

Discussion was held.

Voting: Carried

Presentation on Special Olympics PID Phil Nathan and Paul and Ian from Special Olympics

Presentation of International Presidents awards

International Awards

Kindness Matters Service Award

This prestigious award is given annually to a handful of Lions and Leo clubs for performing an outstanding service project in one of our global cause areas. Nominated at the club level, the Kindness Matters Service Award is a challenge for Lions and Leos to develop exceptionally innovative and creative service projects with the aim of leaving a positive impact in their communities.

30 Clubs across the world recognised, 6 being in Europe. 

One of the six in MD105 Lichfield (105 CN) for their "Domestic Abuse Victim Support.

Global cause: Humanitarian.

Award presented to President PDG John May MBE and Secretary Lion Geoff Trevena 

A request was made by John May to recognise another lady in their community who has been a key driver of the project with an award - Matter referred to Council

International President's Awards
Leadership Medal PDG David Wilson, Filey LC, 105N
Presidential Medal

Lion Sue Boucher, Chichester LC, 105SE

Lion Linda Picton, Hart LC, 105SC

PCC Philip Robinson, Thanet LC, 105SE

CC Richard Williams, Kidderminster & District LC, 105CW

MD Award
Bert Mason Memorial Trophy

Lion Jane Flegg, Hyndburn Centennial, 105CN

Trophy accepted on behalf of Lion Jane by Club President Lion Joan Clarkson

Close Saturday at 4:30

Sunday 3rd May

DG Walk into music, adulation, noise and confetti

Introduction of CCE Elect Lion Alastair Joel and Gemma

Walk in DG Elects with extra adulation, noise and even more confetti

Welcome back to Convention by CC Richard and a special thank you for the Cake on Friday night from Lion Robyn and her husband Richard Banks

Address to Convention CCE Alastair Joel

Presentation on Empowering Volunteers- Lion Chris Hibbert, David Houghton, Lion Brigitte Green & Video from Farmer Richard Bowers - NFU Covering Spectacle recycling and Gleaning. Including Daves' story of car park cleaning.

Presentation by Lion Drazen Melcic, who is President of Europa Forum 2022- Croatia

Presentation Young Ambassador. Lion Sally Marsh with Lion Ellie Mae Banks and 2022 Winner Khan Odita.

Presentation on Peace Poster Lion Brigitte Green
Winner is: Lions Club Ross on Wye, Winner Martha Gibson. Poster was judged as one of the top 23 in the world.

Essay Competition: Winner George Dukas Sponsored by Hemel Hempstead.

Winners Competitions

Environmental photo: Overall Winner: Cloud Formation, Lorraine Clark Southend on Sea LC

No Travelling Lion or Scrapbook competition this year.

Humour Master: Winner Phil Robinson Council Secretary (Woof)

MD Convention 2023- Lion Guch
Details : Looking at Eastbourne, Liverpool or Southport

Thanks to Convention Team.

Reminder of International Convention meeting at 14:00

Close at 12:03